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It's been a long time coming...

It's definitely been a long time coming. I’ve wanted to do this for a while now. It was actually dropped into my spirit by a dear friend, a sister really, years ago. We were discussing at the time what it was like being a “modern day first lady,” in my 20’s. Could I have a fruity cocktail in public? Go out dancing with my girlfriends? It would be a year or so later when a few sorority sisters would tell me how proud of me they were in my role. That I was such a “progressive” First Lady and that was another nudge — to share my story, my experiences.

I suppose I was just too scared, too busy, constantly making excuses for something that I thought would have some real value to many — myself included. I love to write. I like to share my experiences. They are varied. They are unique — so why not put it all down in a way that's therapeutic for me and hopefully helpful for the person reading?

I have been a pastor’s wife for nearly five years now. So, I’m by no means a veteran, but not a rookie either. My husband has pastored three churches now, each with their own unique flair, spirit and yes, challenges. I've had friends tell me, “Oh, I wish I was a pastor's wife, I would love to be a minister’s spouse…” And I just smile politely and think to myself, “if you only knew…”

I believe that this role is a calling, that was divinely orchestrated by the Creator.

I believe that this role is a calling, that was divinely orchestrated by the Creator. But with this great responsibility, certainly comes dark days and sacrifices. There are moments of weakness and times of insecurity. This space will be used to explore those moments, but also the undeniable joys and rewards that come with being a First Lady — recognizing that being a wife and mother are ministries in and of themselves and my family is my priority. Through these different lenses I will share aspects of my life with you here and I hope that you will find encouragement, insight and even inspiration to be your authentic self in whatever spaces you frequent. My posts will be concise, but prayerfully impactful. As the preachers like to say, “I promise not to hold you long.” So, thanks for being here. If you've made it this far thanks for reading. Please take a moment to subscribe to my blog so that you will be the first to know when new content arrives.

Yours & HIS,


The EnLIGHTened First Lady

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