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Prioritizing Your Physical Self-Care

1 Corinthians 3:16-17 You realize, don’t you, that you are the temple of God, and God himself is present in you? No one will get by with vandalizing God’s temple, you can be sure of that. God’s temple is sacred—and you, remember, are the temple.

Our bodies, these physical homes that hold our very spirits and souls physical should not be neglected.

Now you already know how crucial our physical self-care is. If we are called to be vessels of light and hope and are intentional about healing ourselves, we can’t deny the importance of taking care of our bodies.

Black women are disproportionately burdened by chronic conditions in this country. Conditions such as cardiovascular disease and obesity plague black women at much larger rates than our Hispanic and white counterparts. We must prioritize taking care of our sacred body temples, my sisters — it’s the only one we have. So, love it, honor it respect it.

Proper diet and exercise are essential ways to maintain our physical wellness.

Prioritizing water over coffee and sodas and considering whether you really should have that third glass of wine are great places to start. Spring is also the perfect time to re-evaluate your diet and make sure you are getting the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables. Experts recommend 1½ to 2 cups per day of fruit and 2 to 3 cups per day of vegetables.

As it relates to your physical self-care, it’s time to get moving, ladies! Getting active, even with small decisions, such as using those steps instead of riding the elevator or parking further from the grocery store entrance, so it requires some extra steps, can make all the difference as you go through life’s journey.

The additional sunlight during this season might also motivate you to rise earlier and dedicate some time to your spiritual, mental and physical health with some morning movement and meditation.

With more daylight resist the urge to hit snooze and consider getting an early morning workout in to get your day started on the right foot and start releasing those endorphins. More sunlight also means time to soak up that Vitamin D and boost your overall wellbeing.

Do you have local trails yet to explore? Perhaps the community park provides the perfect backdrop for your evening stroll. Consider incorporating more outdoor workouts and building a community of friends and family to join you.


Your physical self-care could include a day at the spa or calling into your job for a personal day so you can just rest. When people ask how I am, a common response is “busily blessed.” But believe you, me, I don’t feel any less blessed when I’ve had an opportunity to take it easy and do absolutely nothing. Physically, I feel recharged and equipped to engage in God’s assignments for my life. Not being drained and feeling physically depleted is a beautiful feeling, is it not?

I also encourage you to prioritize your physical self-care when it relates to who you share your precious body with. Now I’m a grown woman and no the urges and challenges of us grown woman but soul ties are real.

So, while I know sometimes it’s easier said than done when we consider it could very well be a matter of life and death, I want us to have more life!

I encourage you to consider what you might commit to today. Let me know in the comments!

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