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Make Time For Your Mate

You like your spouse, right? I mean, I know you love that person. But do you like them? Do you enjoy spending time with them? I certainly hope the answer is, yes! And as such you need to make sure you are taking time to enjoy your significant other.

There can be simple ways to make that time like a weekly or daily devotional with your partner, movie night courtesy of Netflix or a lowkey dinner at your favorite local spot. For us, it’s probably a Mexican restaurant with yummy nachos and flavored margaritas.

Yes, the Pastor and First Lady enjoy a frozen adult beverage every now and then.

But if you’re in the mood for something a little more out of the box try a themed photoshoot! Get dolled up and find a photographer in your area that can really set the mood for you and your loved one.

If you are in Tallahassee or the surrounding areas like I am, look no further than Sheena Hill of Brown Girl Images. She curated a special experience just for Marcus and me. She first sent out a short questionnaire about how we met, what attracts us to one another, what we like to do together. The questionnaire alone got us to ask new questions about our relationship or even things we just hadn’t thought of in a while. She took our answers and really pulled out all the stops for a fun experience and truly a walk down memory lane. Props that included food from our first date spot, things we like to do for fun and even some cookie goodness made for a filling date night activity in more ways than one.

How can you expect to foster a strong relationship if you don’t spend time together? That can be said for your relationship with your God, your spouse or any loved one really. John 15 encourages us to abide in Christ and Christ will abide in us. One definition of abide is to “hold to.” Hold to your partner, cling to them and do the work so that nothing or no one comes between you. It’s my prayer ultimately that you and your mate hold to God’s unchanging hand.

Make the time, do the work and enjoy the journey.

Until next time.

Yours & HIS,

Lady Payne

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